How to Root Samsung Galaxy Ace SHW-M240S (Korean Galaxy Ace)

1.Put  in in your main directory in the SD card.
2.Turn off your phone.
3.Boot in Recovery by pressing:POWER+HOME button.
4.In Recovery select Install zip from sd
6.Reboot your phone and it’s ready.There must be a Superuser icon in your Apps menu.

35 comments on “How to Root Samsung Galaxy Ace SHW-M240S (Korean Galaxy Ace)

    • -Download the “” file.
      -Put that file in ur sd card main directory.
      -Poweroff ur phone.
      -For going into recovery mode press HOME & Power button simultenously.
      -In recovery mode go to “Install zip from sd”
      -Select the “” file.

  1. @hassan naqvi bro i have rooted my ace (m420s korean) thanks alot but i need to upgrde it is their any way? and also when i connect to data network and open my browser or any app it closes it but it doesnt do that on wi-fi..plx help email me :

  2. sir please help me or anybody here I need your nandroid backup to your sga m240s and iam restore to my phone sga m240s . because may sga is stuck to logo .

    please help me anobody here 😦

    and please gave me a link your nandroid backup

    • Follow these steps in CWM recovery…:
      -Wipe Dalvik Cache
      -Wipe Battery Stats
      -Format Data, Cache and System
      -Wipe Cache partition
      -Factory Reset
      Restart your mobile… Wait for few minutes..Remove battery.. and then flash stock rom (Download from 4shared)

    • The biggest reason for rooting is to flash custom roms on smart phones but unfortunately there are no custom roms for korean galaxy ace.
      There are many other benefits too that’s why we are here rooting our korean galaxy ace like we need our phone to be rooted for making 2nd sd card partition.

  3. What will happen if i root my SHW-m240 korea Samsung Ace when my current firmware is 2.3.4? Pls reply im doubting in rooting my device

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